Tisser Trust


Tisser Trust is formed with the motive of sustain and grow the community from the profit, grants and funds granted. Tisser trust runs the show.

  • From the perspective of sustaining the community, it documents the plural stories of women and their strength, create quality checks to maintain uniformity, build financial infrastructures to stop women falling in debt traps, build artisan clusters from the tourism perspective so they open opportunities for our artisans, help the artisans at each stage so that they can function independently, soon enough.
  • From the perspective of growth in the community, it works towards providing better opportunities to women who don’t have the privilege of education and inclusion, intervene in the value chain with small producers to encourage participation in the mainstream markets, train them in design and function to meet the growing and changing demands of market.

In fulfillment of growth and sustaining the needs, the vision of Tisser India to weave together the stories of successful empowered women in rural communities and the spread of products of varied art communities to more and more customers.