Artisans Connect

Artisans Connect

Handloom and Handicraft of India

The power of India lies in its plurality. The richness in its diversity. The gold of unrealized potential in the rural communities. To not leverage the same would be unfair to our cultural legacy and many women who can be empowered by the process of vocation training.

Each state has its unique history, resources, and art community which have a specific knowledge and skill, passed down to them by tradition and activities. Tisser India is channelizing the same by supporting over ten thousand artisans distributed across eighteen states and multiple rural communities or Self-Help groups.

By empowering the rural households, and upskilling the rural communities we are refurbishing the existing potential of native art forms to find an audience in the urban scapes of India. With the encouraging response that we have garnered we hope to weave the rural communities with self sufficiency and urban communities with a new found love for our collective cultural legacy of art communities.

In order to bridge the gap between the two, buyer and the sellar, the art and the artisan, we want you to discover the hands who art by yourself, through scanning the QR code that comes with your Tisser India product.


India is full of handicraft and handloom which is mostly done in rural India over generations. Few of them have (GI) geographical identity, few have lost due to lack of orders and interest in further
generations , many have flourished through generations.
Curiosity around art and artisan has always attracted consumers to know more about the people behind the scene.

Handloom Art Forms