Architects & Interiors

Tisser has an intricate network of artisans working on traditional arts of furniture and decor as well as skilled workers who make the best home furnishing products that are well loved in the market both locally as well as internationally. We can bring this very skill under your fingertips to create masterpieces customized to your taste and style.

We provide furniture products based on:

  • Designs tailored to your requirements.
  • Good quality raw materials for long lasting and durable end products.
  • Highly skilled and artistic labour.

For furnishings we have:

  • Innovative designs and concepts based on the latest market trends.
  • Highest quality raw materials for high finish and aesthetically pleasing end products.

With our customizing facilities we provide your brand with:

  • Skilled craftsmen and women
  • Reliability and quality assurance.
  • Wide range of prints, colours, designs and materials

All at your disposal, to provide the best products custom and unique to your taste.